The Everest Nepalese and Indian Restaurant

79 Saintfield Road | Newtownbreda, Belfast BT8 7HN, Northern Ireland, Belfast

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We are proud to introduce ourselves as the first Nepalese restaurant in Northern Ireland and the Everest was the first restaurant to bring Nepalese food to Northern Ireland. We based on 79 Saintfield road, south Belfast, the restaurant offers authentic Nepalese food in modern and recently refurbished surroundings. Chef/owner Narayan being a Nepalese and having trained in Nepal makes The Everest unique to any other Nepalese restaurant in Northern Ireland. Our aim at the Everest is to serve traditional Nepalese food, great quality in most significant way as in Nepal and to provide a friendly, family atmosphere whilst maintaining the highest standard of customer service. Our menu offers a wide variety of classic Nepalese and Indian flavours as well as original dishes unique to the Everest Restaurant,

The Everest Restaurant’s new Nepalese menus offer imaginative creations inspired by classic Gorkhali culture. As we insist on only the finest ingredients, menus and prices are subject to change due to seasonal and market conditions. Should you have questions to any particular Nepalese menu items.

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The Everest Nepalese and Indian Restaurant reviews

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The Everest Nepalese and Indian Restaurant

Reviewed 31st December 2017 (visited 29 December 2017 )

****Do not eat here if you like authentic Asian food. *****nnI came here for a nice treat for my self and I was terribly treated.nnIt was 9 in the evening and I went in for a table for 1.nIt was not really that busy. There were plenty of tables left. I had to wait 15 mins to be seated. nnAs I went in I noticed a wheelchair out side in the pouring rain.nHaving a disabled friend I decided to bring it inside to which I was told by staff to put back out.nnI then observed the disabled gent and his female companion leaving the building in a struggle. It was uncomfortable to observe knowing he was going to have to sit in a soaked wheelchair as they made their way home.nnI was finally sat down at the table. The cutlery was of good quality and clean. I believed this was going to be very nice.nnAgain I had to wait a futher 25 mins before my order was taken. Waiting staff just walking passed me doing well.....not very much. nThis did start to become a little anoying at this point.nnFinally the order was taken. When I go to a Indian type restaurant for the first time I go with something they can not really get wrong. This is to check out if they understand how to cook athentic Indian food. Then I will try something more adventurous the next time I go. So I chose a chicken tika dish with green chilli's. Make it spicey please.nnThe Popperdoms came out after another long wait. They were broken up so I feared maybe these could be what others leave behind. They were very soft to. nnI was so excited when the meal came. It looked really nice. I was now starving at this point.nThe Tika was bright orangey Red but to my disappointment I could see no green chilli's just a chopped up green pepper. nnThen the big moment.....the taste. Omg. I have never been so disappointed before in a restaurant. This Tika without the rice was €15.99. nnIt was bland. The only way I can discribe it was.....Heinz cream of tomato soup with chicken thrown in with green peppers.nThere was no hint of herbs and spices. Just some ground pepper also added.nnIt was flat in taste and all I could think of was soup. The waitress came over and I explained quietly to her that the meal was very bland and not up to what I would call restaurant standard. nnAgain I was awkwardly left at my table for a futher 10 mins and no one came to talk to me about the meal.nnI proceeded at this point uncomfortabley to the counter where other people having their meal were looking at me in sheer dare I say I do not like the meal. "We are all sitting here also chewing on bland food but it is only polite to continue to do so and lie and say it's great when asked. Where are your mannors".nnSo I explained to a very angry man that I do not belive my meal was to a decent standard. I will of cause pay for my drink but not the food as I only had 2 mouth fulls.nnHe snatched my €50 note out of my hand and threw the change back to me.nnI could not belive it. €25.60. He had charged me for the whole meal.nnThis was a horrible way to be treated. I explained to him I eat athentic Indian food alot. I love to cook this kind of food at home. I understand that it's like a wine.nnHis reply was we sell this all time no complaints good bye.nnI ask him to just try it him self and he refused and told me to get out.nnDo not eat here if you like authentic Asian food. nnI was left so cross and angry and in tears by this whole experience.nIt was technicaly theft because I did not ask him to take for the meal I did not touch.nnI have never before been talked to or treated in such way. I complained in a quite calm and polite manner. I was not drunk or been drinking. I do not expect to be spoken to in such a manner. In future please listen to customer complaints and work upon the constructive criticism given to give a better service. nnAnd please stop making curry's using a soup as a Base. nnDaisy

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